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There’s never a dull moment in Leland, North Carolina. Leland is nearby historic Wilmington and sandy Atlantic beaches and is full of plenty of events and attractions for people of all ages to enjoy. Whether you want a night in the city, an afternoon to explore nearby parks, or a day to check out historical sites, Leland is your place. Here are a few of the best activities near you in Leland.

Airlie Gardens
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Airlie Gardens

A breathtakingly beautiful historical garden dating back to 1886. Words cannot describe the beauty of the thousands of azaleas, camellias, and seasonal bulbs in bloom with butterflies dancing in the breeze.

Birders and their feathered friends flock to Airlie throughout the year, attracted to the Gardens' bird-friendly habitat. The public, along with Airlie's educators, have observed over 170 bird species of bird in the garden, attesting to Airlie's honor of being named a Coastal Plain site on the North Carolina Birding Trail. The visiting species vary seasonally, but it is common to see more than thirty species during in one morning. Waterfowl, woodland birds and migrants are common. Check out Airlie's Bird List to see what birds come to Airlie.

Airlie's magical backdrop of myriad plants is more than just a setting for our historic and cultural garden. Airlie also celebrates its role as a wildlife refuge in this fast-developing coastal county. The garden is home to a great diversity of endemic, native, and migratory fauna and flora. The complex ecosystem supports life for many populations of birds, reptiles, insects, fish, shellfish, and mammals.