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The Leland NC area has a rich and beautiful abundance of wildlife year-round. Nestled near the coast and adjacent to rivers, creeks and waterways, Leland is a great place to stay and visit while you spend your time kayaking and fishing in several of our area's natural habitats. Leland North Carolina is one of three major bird fly zones in the country. The areas rivers flow through large tracts of undeveloped land, creating opportunities to see a variety of birds and other animals. Due to Leland's location along side the Cape Fear River, you can paddle year-round and catch a variety of fish in several of our creeks and rivers. While staying in Leland, you will find that our hotels offer accommodations for outdoor enthusiasts and fisherman a like. You will be within walking distance of shops and restaurants that will make your stay here even more enjoyable. So, go ahead, grab your Kayak and paddle and come explore Leland NC.

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Kayaking / Kayak Fishing / Bird Watching

  • Eagle Island: Your best chance at seeing Osprey's soaring above and other salt marsh wildlife.
  • Black River - Word's can't describe the beauty of this River; It has to be experienced for yourself from a Kayak.
  • Black River / Three Sisters: Experience the wonder and majesty of 2500 year old bald cypress trees.
  • Sharks Tooth Island / Cape Fear: Perfect for a leisure afternoon paddle with the family to hunt for fossils and sharks' teeth.
  • Fort Fisher Basin: Salt March and beaches with a stop on Zeke's island for some great bird watching.
  • Holly Shelter Creek: an intimate and beautiful blackwater creek with eastern North Carolina forest land as it was at the turn of the century.
  • Moores Creek: Enjoy the creek and National park that made history.
  • Town Creek: A beautiful paddling experience and adventure.
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Area Kayak Launching Ramps

  • Cypress Creek Park in Leland
  • Davis Creek Park in Navassa
  • River Park in Bellville Rice Creek in Winnabow
  • River Road Park in Wilmington
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Area Wildlife

River Otters / Beaver / Deer / Black Bear / Alligators / Ducks / Herons / Pelicans / Ibises / Egrets / Skimmers

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Common Fish Catches

Catfish / Red Drum / Striped Bass / Speckled Trout / Flounder / Blue Crab / Bass / Beam / Crappie

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Common Bird Species

Brown Pelican / Anhinga / Double Crested Cormorant / American Bittern / Great Egret / Snowy Egret / Little Blue Heron / Tri-color Heron / Black Crowned Night Heron / Green Heron / White Ibis / Glossy Ibis / Canvasback / Ruddy Duck / Osprey / Bald Eagle / Wild Turkey / Clapper Rail / Common Moorhen / American Oyster Catcher / America Avocet / Greater Yellowlegs / Lesser Yellowlegs / Willet / Ruddy Turnstone / Sanderling / Long Billed Dowitcher / Gulls / Black Skimmers / Royal Tern / Sandwich Tern / Common Tern / Least Tern / Bard Owls / Great Horned Owls

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